Before i moved to Hawaii i was told there was little to no bouldering. that the rock was sharp and brittle and it was a waste of time to even look.

I didn't listen.

Within the first week of moving here i met Joe Segal and Phillip Langford. Phil and Joe were just as psyched as i was. next came the gym and the beginning of an amazing community and a scene of development unlike any I've heard of before. 5 yrs, google maps , relationships with hunters and hikers, long hikes through thick jungle or california grass, pummeled by rogue waves on rugged coastlines, conversations with land owners and government employees

Best time of my life in the most amazing place I've ever been and with the best friendships I've ever had. To all of you who have supported, had a "CHARCH" session, raved at greens, been a part of the douchecrag agenda, scouted for boulders, helped clean, climbed a boulder here, been psyched for us….